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Is your fence in danger of collapsing? Is it in a bad state of repair? Are you concerned that another windy thunderstorm will damage your fence? Don’t worry Vacaville Fencing Pros is a fully insured and experienced fence replacement company providing expert services in Vacaville CA.

We have installed, repaired, and stained fences in Vacaville CA. We are home repair experts who, like all of our other services, are dedicated to providing A-Plus quality, affordability, and a great client experience. For homes and businesses, we offer professional fence installation and repair services.

We create, install, replace, and repair a wide range of fences which includes;

  • Pressure Treated Fence
  • Cedar Fences
  • Wrought Iron Fences
  • Chain Link Fences
  • Horizontal Fences
  • Basket Weave Fences
  • Vinyl Fences

No matter if your fence is vertical or horizontal we will provide and create a custom design that will fit in your property perfectly and will provide great security.

Fence Repair Vacaville

Do you have a fence that has been damaged? Perhaps your fence or gate is sagging or a section needs to be secured. We can fix your fence in Vacaville CA if you need it. We’re local specialists at identifying and repairing all types and styles of fencing. With years of experience, we have the resources and know-how to get the job done perfectly the first time and help your fence last longer.

Our fence repair services include the following:

  • Replacements after the fact
  • Replacement of Pickets
  • Replacement Stringer
  • Cleaning with a Power Washer
  • Rebuilding Gates Using Staining
  • Protects Against Wood Rot

When a good stain is placed on a wood fence, it works as a moisture barrier and extends the life of the fence.

Fence Repair Services

Fence Painting

Try this helpful tip to ensure your fence lasts longer. Paint can help keep your fence from rotting or deteriorating. Painting your fence may give it a fresh look while also protecting it from the elements.

Fence Cleaning And Power Washing

Another helpful hint: Power washing is by far the quickest and most convenient way to clean your fence. If you are looking at an old fence with debris and build up, don't hesitate to use a pressure washer to clean your fence posts and boards.

How Do You Pick The Best Fence Design?

First and foremost, you must decide the fence’s purpose. Do you wish to improve the privacy, security, or beauty of your home or business? There are many different types of fences to choose from. You can talk to the landscape surveyor about your requirements. Here are the most common fence design installations that we offer at Vacaville Fencing Pros;

  • Overlap fences
  • Close board fences
  • Picket fences
  • Larch lap fences
  • Different types of screenings, such as bamboo and more.

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