Redwood Fencing

Redwood Fencing

Traditional Fencing

Traditional Redwood Fencing is often used because of the quality and traits that Redwood fencing brings. Redwood fencing has a natural residence to rot and decay, making it a great option for your backyard or even front yard fencing.

Privacy Fencing

Redwood based privacy fencing is growing as one of the most popular style of fencing around. It’s easy to see why it’s called “privacy fencing” because it prevents neighbors or unwanted guests to see through what would normally be slats between the wooden planks. Privacy Fencing is what we would consider – Great neighbor fencing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Traditional or Privacy Fencing?

Both traditional redwood fencing and the more modern privacy fencing are practical, sturdy, and resistant to rot and decay. The only difference is the design, in which privacy fencing disallows any ability to see inside your yard.

Some people like the airy and traditional feel of your normal redwood fencing, while others are more concerned about privacy.

Redwood or Composite

Redwood planks have been used for seemingly forever, but not long ago there was a surge in use of composite planks. While Redwood planks are known for their ability to fend off rot and decay, composite planks don’t ever have to deal with those issues at all.

The two main considerations are – Aesthetics & Price.

Composite fencing does not look like your traditional fencing panels, so if you like the look of a nice redwood panel, composite might not be for you. The second consideration is cost – composite will cost more than traditional redwood panels, but will last much longer.

Can I stain my fence?

Staining a redwood fence is really a question of personal preference. Staining a redwood fence does not necessarily prolong the life of the fence. A redwood wood fence will normally lose its color and will “gray” over time. Homeowners should know that staining is mainly to aid in holding or changing the color of the redwood planks and adequately doing so may require staining every two years.

What do I tell my neighbors?

Never leave your neighbors out of a conversation when considering a new fence. Installing a new fence, whether it is decorative, traditional, or a privacy fence is a disruption, and communicating in advance what to expect is a basic courtesy and what neighbors should do. Before a fence is built, your neighbors should be involved in the process of receiving a quote and ultimately deciding on what the fence will be – some neighbors opt-in to having an every other fence approach in which fence panels are staggered on the direction they face.

how much does a fence cost?

Different styles of fences are going to cost different amounts to build. The length of the fence is what determines the price the most, along with the fluctuating cost of elements used. The average cost of a typical residential fence is $2,500.00 to $3,500.00 for many lots.

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