Pen Turning

Creating your own beautiful pens, pencils and other items is both creative and interesting. If you are interested in learning how to make pens you need to start by getting the materials necessary to begin the project. There are some basic tools that you need as well as pen blanks that are used to create the design that you prefer.

Pen Turning Basics

There are many complicated pens that can be made but when you’re first starting out the easiest design to begin with is the straight-barrel twist style. Slimline twist pens are also easy to create and are useful for helping you hone your pen turning skills. These styles require the least difficult skills and the materials are relatively inexpensive, allowing you to make a number of them as practice.

As you learn the techniques and become more skilled you will be able to start producing pens in a large variety of styles and designs. Once you begin to understand the basics you’ll quickly graduate to more difficult designs and more beautiful materials. To start with, you need to purchase the basic materials you need along with pen blanks in the material and color you prefer.

Pen Turning Kits

There are kits available in a wide range of styles to help you create beautiful gifts. Kits provide you with the necessary parts that you must have in order to make a pen of your choice. There are a number of different kits and you can view the finished product before making a decision. 7 mm slim-line ballpoint pen kits are perfect for those who are just starting out in the art of pen making.

Slimline pens have a slim, sleek design that is easy to make. They are also a durable style that always looks attractive whether you are gifting the pen to a friend or selling it at a hobby and craft show. The .7 mm slimline pen kit is the most popular in our line of kits and one of the first kits that we offered. It is ideal for those who are just starting out. The simple design lets you begin practicing while still turning out a great finished product.

Supplies and Kits

When you are just beginning you’ll want to choose kits that are easy to make, look good and are affordable. Our kits are designed to be just that. The slimline kit, for example, allows you to use a standard pen mandrel and bushings and a “J” drill bit. These are items that are in almost everyone’s starter pen-making toolbox.

As you begin to become more proficient you’ll be able to choose from more difficult designs and from a wide array of pen blanks. You will soon add to your toolkit and obtain various sized bits and other necessary tools. When you have more supplies you’ll be able to start making harder designs using more expensive materials. At The Berea Hardwoods Co. Inc. we offer a large selection of products and projects for woodworkers. Contact us today to order the pen making supplies you need.

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Pen Turning

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