Fence Repair Services

We repair residential fencing

At Vacaville Fencing Pros we understand that a fence can add boundaries, protection, and design to your outdoor property. However, if a fence is broken or damaged it will not only make your property look bad but can also pose great security issues. Therefore, we provide highly professional fence repair services. We provide repair services for all types of wooden fencing including traditional wood fencing, privacy fencing, latticed fencing and other custom wood design fencing. Vacaville Fencing Pros is a company you can trust with your broken and damaged fences. (Due to rising costs of material, fuel and services – Vacaville Fencing Pros is only able to offer repair services for fencing that is 75 ft in length or more)

What Can Be Expected From Our Fence Repair Services?

We provide a variety of fence repair services that include:

  • Tightening boards
  • Replacing boards
  • Gate repair and replacement
  • Repair of rotten wood
  • Rust
  • Warping
  • Painting and staining

If the wood of your fence is rotting or the steel is getting rusted then we will make sure to repair your fence by replacing the rotten and rusted parts with the new and sturdy ones.  Similarly, if your property fence is getting lose we will tighten its board and in worst conditions, replace the boards. Our experts will also help you with the painting of the fences. If you think your fence is performing perfectly and is perfect structure-wise and it is just looking bad, then we will paint it and remove all the stains. It will make your fence look new adding more beauty to your landscape.

When Do You Need Fence Repair Services?

No matter how strong your fence is, maybe it can get damaged. Harsh winds and heavy rains can make it get damaged with time. Automobile accidents can also damage the fence. Other factors like sun, rain, freezing material can also damage the parts of a fence. No matter whatever is the reason but if your fence got damaged it must get repaired. And for the repair service, you need experts like Vacaville Fencing Pros. We make sure to repair the fences in such a way that they will look completely new and will last longer.

Short-Term And Long-Term Fence Damage

Fences can be harmed in a variety of ways. Storms and natural calamities are the most visible causes of destruction. Summer thunderstorms and heavy winter snowfall frequently collapse trees and utility poles, causing damage to your fence. Unexpected catastrophes, such as automobile accidents, can also devastate your fence.

Long-term fence deterioration from the elements or abuse is less visible, but it is just as dangerous. The material of your fence will determine how it is affected by the elements. Wood fences are susceptible to rot, discoloration, and broken or loose slats.

Whatever may be the problem make sure to contact Vacaville Fencing Pros and they will repair your fences in the best way possible. You will get a repaired fence that will last longer than expected and will look good on your property. If the condition of the fence is very severe then we will replace it with a new one.

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