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If you want custom windows in Winnipeg, why not customize them with the windows company that is all about building science and fine craftsmanship? When people in Winnipeg think about windows, JEH Windows & Doors is a name that is associated with quality and exceptionalism. JEH Windows & Doors is one of the few Winnipeg windows companies that allows clients to customize their windows from scratch. What does this mean?

It means that you, the client, gets to choose everything from the window panes to the frames and handles to the style of the windows. You can choose screens or no screens, and with many products, you can even choose the color. JEH Windows & Doors has a variety of products for every price range, so shop on our website or contact us if you want to create your own custom windows.

What Kind of Windows Can I Choose from?

There are several types of windows to choose from. Consider the following:

The low-cost leader of the windows market and by far the best seller in North America is vinyl windows. Unfortunately, vinyl is not the most aesthetically pleasing window type. Also, you can’t pain vinyl either. If you are looking for a budget-friendly window type, then vinyl is probably your best bet. Still, not all is bad about vinyl windows. They do provide decent performance.

The next step up from vinyl, which is probably the best value on the marketplace today, is fiberglass windows. The frames are a little bit thinner than with vinyl, and fiberglass windows have crisper details. For example, you won’t have the ugly corners on the welds that you get with vinyl windows, and this is because the fiberglass is cut and fastened.

To compete with some of the more expensive wood-framed windows on the market, we have products that consist of a fiberglass frame with the inside clad with wood. These types of windows are going to be more expensive than the previous two, but they are still a great deal. These are very pretty windows that still look like a traditional window on the inside.

There are two different types of aluminum windows that you can buy. There is a lower-cost aluminum and a more expensive one. No matter what kind of aluminum you’re thinking about, you should definitely get one that has a thermal break. This break is filled with a composite material that keeps the two layers of aluminum away from each other. This way, you can get some okay performance from these kinds of windows thermally.

Wood windows are the best kinds of windows on the market. The technology in the wood windows of today is different than your grandfather’s wood windows. These have great thermal performance, factory finish, and they can last almost forever! Unfortunately, aside from the high-end aluminum windows, wood windows are probably some of the most expensive windows you will find!

Of course, we’re talking specifically about window frames.


Custom Windows Winnipeg

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Custom Windows Winnipeg

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